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Joy is the Fuel of Life.

The magic of life exists in the moments that mean the most to us. Death and unexpected occurrences can sometimes disconnect us from that magic.
InHeirit is an easier way to ensure that, even after the passing of a loved one,  joy can be reached again.
Secure your happiness by planning ahead.

Begin your life planning journey with InHeirit.

Prepare for the inevitable. Take charge of your life, even after death.  

Change Learned

It’s time to unlearn the habits of our past and start new traditions. Talking about your end-of-life plan with someone you trust is the first step.


Start The Conversation.

Prepare For The Unexpected.

Losing a loved one is one of life’s greatest disruptors, but it doesn’t have to be. Ensure a less painful grieving process by planning ahead with Inheirit.


Ensure a more certain future.

Nurture Your

The lives we build matter. Make sure your impact will be felt and treasured  by the people, pets or organizations that matter most.


Leave a way to be remembered.

Own Your Peace
of Mind.

Find comfort in knowing that your affairs are in order with our easy, simplified estate planning process and get back to finding your joy.


Don’t avoid the inevitable.

Life Planning Built With
Humans in Mind.

An intuitive platform enhanced with the power of AI to help you and your loved ones organize your life

and confidently prepare for life’s unexpected events.


Add all important information in one place.


Prepare your legacy documents with simplicity.


Access the professional community support you need.

Did You Know?

More than half of  Americans do not have a Will.
Only 32% of Americans have a Will.

1 out of 4 don’t ever plan on getting a Will.

The dangers of dying without a Will have been demonstrated overtime with famous celebrities like Amy Winehouse, Chadwick Bosemen, Bob Marley, and Aretha Franklin. 
40% don't believe they have enough assets to leave anyone. 

While assets do include real estate, they also can include bank accounts and personal property such as vehicles, art, collectibles, jewelry and more. 

When you die without a Will, your assets become frozen until the courts comb through every detail of your belongings and decide where, how and to whom your assets will be distributed. 

COVID has reshaped  our perspectives on death.

Younger Americans impacted by COVID,  environmental uncertainties and unstable economic conditions are starting the death planning process sooner. 

Boomers and GenX'ers are increasingly being left behind. 

Our Guarantee

Currently available in Illinois, and expanding throughout the US.

Reliable Expertise

When you sign up for InHeirit, you gain access to educational resources that help you simplify complex concepts so that you can fully understand the death planning process. 


A platform built with an easy to understand, step-by-step interface that guides you along your planning and preparedness journey. 


Inheirit was built to be a one-stop-shop for all your life planning needs, providing document storage solutions and legal aid for every aspect of the journey. 

Intuitive AI

Our platform is infused with advanced technology that can understand your needs provide you with the tools to tailor your plans to your specific circumstances.

Legally Compliant

We provide services and information that align with legal requirements state by state to ensure your plans can never be contested.


Our meticulous rollout process is intentionally constructed to ensure we can adhere to our own security standards which enable us to ensure your information is always protected. 

Start the Conversation. 
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