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Who We Are

An Advanced AI Platform Solution Inspired By
Real Life Experiences.
Amanda Moutrage- InHeirit Cofounder

As an operations and product development leader, Amanda is InHeirit’s technological & legal intelligence powerhouse.

She brings her personal and professional expertise to spearhead the creation of InHeirit's tech-enabled platform with advanced functionality and the consumer experience in mind.  

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Astin J Hayes- InHeirit Cofouder
Astin J.
An award-winning serial entrepreneur and marketing specialist, Astin is the marketing force that drives InHeirit forward.

With a masters in Marketing and Public Relations at DePaul University, she uses her background and more than 15 years of experience to lead InHeirit's Marketing, Sales, and Finance functions. 

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Astin & Amanda saw how, within their own communities, the reluctance to talk about death facilitated in widening the gap of knowledge around  what happens in times of tragedy or crisis.

They knew that due to preexisting beliefs, there was a need to share knowledge and provide services in a way that would be received by groups who are often not the focus of estate planning conversations.

They also believed, that if this was true of their own communities, that it had to be true for others. After researching they found that this was in fact the case, especially for minority groups.  

Inspired by their own experiences and evolutions in the death-tech space that do not directly address the needs of people from their backgrounds, Astin and Amanda set out to design a new solution.


InHeirit, an AI enhanced estate preparedness platform, is inspired by real life and built with your unique needs in mind.

"When it comes to such a sensitive and morbid, yet inevitable circumstance of life, the traditional structure of law pricing doesn't take into account the human impact on families and loved ones." 


- Amanda Moutrage

"In a world where the stories of families being torn apart due to poor planning are all too common, I am determined to make a difference and ensure that future generations are better equipped to navigate the complexities of end-of-life planning with grace and clarity."

- Astin J Hayes

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